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Common Symptoms of Pregnancy

You probably have heard about pregnancy, but there are some early warning signs that may be missed by the average person. The earliest of symptoms and signs of pregnancy may include: morning nausea, fatigue and feel sick to your stomach. Unfortunately, some of these early symptoms and signs of pregnancy are not specific to pregnancy at all.

Some of the signs of pregnancy are much more subtle than others. For instance, morning sickness may be so mild that it is undetectable until after three weeks of pregnancy. It may even be mistaken for exhaustion. Other early signs and symptoms may include: mood swings, headaches, gas, bloating and other digestive problems, and more. Some of these may even point to other health issues.

There are some early pregnancy symptoms and signs that can be alarming to those who do not know about them. Women who are experiencing heartburn, indigestion, vomiting, diarrhea, back pain or a feeling of dizziness should check with their doctor right away. If you have any of the symptoms, you should immediately notify your doctor or OB/GYN so they can test you to find out if you are pregnant. However, there are many signs of pregnancy that are not as obvious.

Your eyes may be red or bloodshot. Sometimes you may even experience blurry vision. You may also experience blurry vision and/or eye pain that is not caused by age or vision problems.

Sometimes your body will feel stiff or tired. This may be experienced when you are lying on your back or sitting upright. Your body will also feel hot or cold, but is often caused by a change in body temperature.

You may also experience some tenderness in the breasts. This is not painful, but it may feel strange. This can be due to the hormonal changes, but the symptoms can also be experienced by breastfeeding mothers.

You may also feel an itchiness or burning sensation. If you have ever experienced this before you may have an allergic reaction. You may also experience cramping in the lower abdomen.

Of course there are some early pregnancy signs that may not be recognizable at first. However, these symptoms can be very important when you know you are pregnant. so close to the birth of your baby.

If you have had any of the earlier signs you should talk with your doctor right away. He or she can check you again to see if you are pregnant.

Many of these signs of pregnancy are similar to the symptoms of miscarriage. If you think you are pregnant you should consult a doctor as soon as possible.

If you want to avoid many of these pregnancy symptoms, you may want to start exercising. This can help with nausea. As mentioned above, nausea can be a symptom of pregnancy.

Exercise helps you to get your blood moving. It can also increase your body’s blood circulation and therefore help to reduce stress. cramps, bloating and any other feelings of discomfort. Exercise can also help to relieve depression and stress.

The best way to learn about early pregnancy signs and symptoms is to speak with your doctor or OB/GYN. They may also be able to give you helpful tips and advice on your body. However, some women may have specific signs that are more evident than others.

Once you know what your symptoms are you can begin to look for ways to deal with them. This will allow you to deal with the pregnancy symptoms effectively.

If you notice some of the pregnancy symptoms mentioned above you should contact your doctor right away. You may want to check with your OB/GYN first to see if they can give you further advice.

The first and most important thing you need to do is to enjoy your pregnancy. After a pregnancy you will experience many feelings but one of the best is joy.

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